Not only watch fans, but also high-tech enthusiasts are familiar with the watch brand Rado. The use of innovative materials such as tungsten carbide, sapphire crystal and special ceramics ensure the robustness of the luxury watches. The Swiss watch brand Rado is especially known for the high-tech ceramics used. In addition to the ceramics, different color tones play a major role in the luxury watches. For every watch lover there is the right model. The product range extends from elegant to minimalist designed luxury watches. What is impressive about the luxury watches of the Rado brand, in addition to the color tones and design, is the good wearing properties. Thanks to the high-tech ceramics, the watches are not only very light, but also skin-friendly. The undersurface of the watch literally nestles against the wrist of the wearer and convinces with its smooth and high-quality surface.

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Currently available Rado watches

Luxury collections for men and women

The Swiss watch manufacturer Rado offers a wide range of exceptional and high-quality watches for both men and women. The most popular watch models are the Rado Ceramica, Rado Centrix, Coupole Classic and the Rado True Thinline. Among the classics of luxury watches from Rado is the Ceramica made of black ceramic. Many watch models were designed by renowned designers. The love of art and high-tech performance is evident in each and every watch. The Rados lightweight model, the HyperChrome Ultra Light, is also exceptional. The watch model celebrated its premiere in 2016 and this with a feather-light 56 grams. The dial in purist design comes in two variants: equipped with or completely without indexes. The True and True Thinline model series is the perfect choice for any watch lover who likes to bring color into their lives. The case has a classic design but with the difference that these are not only available in metallic, black or white. The color palette ranges from green to blue and brown. The dial has been optimally matched to the color scheme of the case and can be chosen in mother-of-pearl or sunburst optics.

Innovations in the art of watchmaking

Rado luxury watches have been manufactured since the 1960s. The Swiss watch manufacturer relied on unusual materials in the manufacture of its watches early on. It used materials not previously used for watches, such as sapphire glass and hard metal. Until today, the spirit of innovation and perfection has been preserved. Rado currently relies primarily on ceramics or high-tech ceramics. The properties of these used materials contribute to the extraordinary design and unique elegance of Rado luxury watches. The watch models are characterized not only by their lightness, but still have a high degree of hardness and are scratch-resistant.