Rolex Sky Dweller

Needless to say, it doesn't have to be in a hot air balloon, but it can. The Sky Dweller is the watch that aims high. And the fact that this ambitious goal is also quite realistic is confirmed by its aficionados. It is the indispensable accessory for globetrotters, cosmopolitans, frequent business travelers, notorious time zone overachievers, the absolute timepiece for pilots of both public and private aviation. The Sky Dweller would also look good on a flying carpet.

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Currently available Rolex Sky Dweller watches

A Rolex triumph of technical sophistication, brilliant design and comfort

Fourteen patents alone identify the Oyster Perpetual Sky Dweller as a masterpiece and an indication that the history of the wristwatch is vital to the history of Rolex. As a younger member of the family and a completely new model, the striking "Sky Dweller" struck as a successful surprise in 2012 and turned out to be one of the most innovative and impressive Rolex models ever. The highlight: its complex functions are amazingly easy to control. The lynchpin is the fluted ring command bezel, which displays the date, local time or reference time depending on its position and counterclockwise rotation. Inside, the in-house Caliber 9001 does a fabulous job with a power reserve of 72 hours. The special hairspring made of a niobium-zirconium alloy copes with temperature fluctuations and shocks up to ten times better than conventional specimens. Of course, the Sky Dweller also received the typical Rolex dowry of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, fluted case back, Oyster clasp folding clasp and cyclops magnifier at the 3 o'clock position.

Distinctive mark: the red and white triangle

The simultaneous display of two time zones without additional hands is what makes the chronograph actually spectacular. The first zone can be determined quite intuitively on the polished and eccentric rotating 24-hour numerical disc - which has become the Sky Dweller distinctive mark. A red and white triangle prominently marks the function. The second time zone is documented via the familiar indicators on the traditional dial. Setting the watch to the local time of the destination does not affect the second time zone. As the watch does not have to be stopped for this purpose, the rate accuracy is also completely unaffected. The date change is based on the respective local time, and on the integrated Saros annual calendar with 12 viewing windows, the respective month is indicated with a contrasting color. Just like the Rolex Day-Date, the Sky Dweller is wrapped exclusively in precious metals: yellow, white or 18-carat Everose gold - which understandably doesn't make it a "bargain" compared to the Submariner or GMT-Master II. But who would blame it for that?

Fancy a real Rolex Sky Dweller?

The fact that even this inspiring Rolex luxury and functional watch is not spared from fakes is not just fatal for the buyer. Of course, we at HORANDO know how to recognize a Rolex fake, for example when the magnifying glass on an alleged Rolex Submariner only achieves a factor of 1.5, while the Rolex standard measure prescribes 2.5, or when the minute hands of a Rolex Yachtmaster do not have the offered stature. The engravings of the serial and reference numbers must also be finely chiseled and protrude brilliantly. Counterfeiters usually don't put much effort into this. And that's a good thing because it allows us to quickly track down copies. Our advice: buy watches on the web only from trustworthy and specialized retailers.