Vacheron Constantin

The company for luxury watches was founded as early as 1755, and in 1929 the houses of Vacheron Constantin and Wempe joined forces to produce watches whose clockworks combine numerous complications as well as dials with enamel work. The intricate details of the watchmaker's art are often only clearly visible with a magnifying glass. New combinations of complications are used in each collection of luxury watches from Vacheron Constantin. The company's main manufactory is located in Plan-les-Ouates in the canton of Geneva, and since its founding, Vacheron Constantin has established itself as one of the best-known Swiss manufacturers of luxury watches in the world. Since the year 1880, the Maltese cross adorns the watch models of Vacheron Constantin.

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Currently available Vacheron Constantin watches

Luxury watches of the brand Vacheron Constantin

Since 1880, the Maltese cross has been the trademark of Vacheron Constantin and was patented at that time. Since then, special creations have been launched again and again, and currently there are seven collections of Vacheron Constantin watch models. A very special movement is the watch "The Complexity", which was made for King Farouk in Egypt in a period of five years. Tradition and modernity are combined in the luxury watches of Vacheron Constantin, and they are popular as collectors' items, since the edition of the various watches is strictly limited.

The different collections of the watch brand

The Overseas collection combines sporty ambience with high technical equipment while the stylish elegance embodies the line Patrimony. Flat cases are the distinguishing feature here, miniature can only be applied, as with the perpetual calendar. The caliber 1120 QP, the new version developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. As QP, the luxury watch is only four millimeters high and is still represented with the complete leap year cycle. A correction is not necessary until March 2100. The Hallmark of Geneva as a seal of quality, distinguishes this automatic movement, which is equipped from a balance wheel that oscillates at 19,800 vibrations per hour. The power reserve of this luxury watch is 40 hours. The whole marvel of technology was made visible through a sapphire glass back. The Patrimony, 1972, Malte, Overseas, Historiques and Métiers d'Art collections, and also the Quai d'Ile collection all bear the result of the highest watchmaking art.

Anniversary watches and other models

For its 250th anniversary in 2005, Vacheron Constantin released the Tour de l'le wristwatch. What makes this watch special are the 16 complications and 834 components. This watch is limited to just seven pieces. Other famous luxury watches from Vacheron Constantin are the caliber VC4261, the Kallista or the Ultra-Plate, while the Kallista is one of the most expensive wristwatches in the world. The company Vacheron Constantin with its luxury watches stands for tradition and quality in every creation. The Patrimony case is always made of platinum or gold, the case is 41 millimeters in size and 8.9 millimeters high. A silvered dial, which is shown off under sapphire crystal, is richly covered. The moon phase can be seen above the "6" on a blue sky window. Days of the week and date face each other on the "9" and the "3", and at the "12", the months can be read on a 48-month scale. To match the noble gold tone of the watch, there is a fitting brown alligator leather strap with a gold buckle. The watches of the brand are not only popular collector's items, they skillfully complement a business outfit or the noble appearance.