Piaget watches captivate watch lovers not only by their high level of precision. For every taste there is the right model. No matter whether round, oval or square, for the gentleman or the lady. Every single case shape promises a simple elegance. Georges Piaget founded the watch brand in 1874 with the idea of bringing luxury to the world in the form of watches. The success was also not long in coming. Due to the high quality standard and the excellent processing of the noblest materials, the watch models of Piaget know how to convince.

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Currently available Piaget watches

Committed to tradition and watchmaking

Piaget has been committed to tradition for decades and has remained faithful to the classic watchmaking craft. The heirs of the traditional house continue the good reputation of Piaget, but have also dedicated themselves to modern variations. Piaget watch models, for example, make every collector's heart beat faster, simply because of the very flat cases. The most famous Piaget watch model is probably the 12P. In 1959, the 12P started its triumphal procession around the world. The special feature of this watch model was that it had the flattest movement in the world - at that time - with a case height of just 2.3 millimeters. A true masterpiece of the watchmaker's art.

Luxurious down to the smallest detail

Piaget uses only the highest quality materials for its watches. In doing so, the watch manufacture plays with the details and relies on a high recognition value. Watch lovers will find limited edition watch models at Piaget with manual winding or as automatic version, made of platinum or gold, with date or in classic design. Piaget processes and designs its watches with a high degree of effort. The Altiplano, Emperador, Gouveneur, Limelight and Polo models are still among Piaget's most popular watch models.

Precise movements with artistic touches

The hallmark of Piaget luxury watches remains the delicate and equally flat cases. The precise movements and not least the composition and experimentation with colors have already inspired the art world. The detailed dials and the processing of precious stones such as lapis lazuli, onyx, tiger's eye and turquoise, as well as hard stones, contribute to the overall image of luxury watches. Piaget's refined creations continue to impress even in modern times. In 2002, Paget introduced its latest innovation caliber 600P. It has a tourbillon movement with a case height of only 3.5 millimeters high.

Piaget is not afraid of a challenge

Piaget's luxury watches are a testament to an innovative company that knows how to reinvent itself time and time again while remaining true to classic watchmaking craftsmanship. With its famous as well as equally idiosyncratic creations, Piaget stands out from the crowd. Piaget watch models exude their own individuality and finesse. Whether sporty or elegant, there is a Piaget luxury watch to suit every look.