Rolex Cellini

Rolex's Cellini watch collection pays homage to the historical era of classicism, which is why the series is named after Benvenuto Cellini, the papal goldsmith and sculptor from that period. The design of Rolex Cellini, with its fine and clean lines, is inspired by the timeless elegance of classic watch models. But not only the design, also the processed materials reflect the watchmaking tradition and the high standards of Rolex. The Rolex Cellini watches are exclusively made of 18-carat white or Everose gold cases and other luxurious materials.

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Currently available Rolex Cellini watches

Rolex Cellini - precise timepieces with style

The Rolex Cellini watch model builds on the tradition of the luxury Swiss watchmaker. The inspiration for this timeless watch collection was the Italian Renaissance with its rediscovery of classic forms. This return to the classic and accomplished is expressed in the clean shapes and elegant design of Rolex Cellini watches. The classicist influences, however, have been reinterpreted for the new Rolex Cellini collection, making the design timeless yet contemporary. The Rolex company was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and has a long tradition as a manufacturer of luxury watches. Rolex was considered the first company to display the brand name on the dial. Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf is also known as a visionary in the luxury watch segment, as he developed particularly innovative cases that were, for example, insensitive to dust or moisture. Today, Rolex is considered a leading brand in the segment of luxury watches for men and women and can convince again and again with classic-perfect watch collections.

Design & Material

In addition to the exquisite design, the watches from the Rolex Cellini collection also impress with their luxurious materials. These noble materials are in perfect harmony with the elegance of the shapes. With 39 mm, the case of the Rolex Cellini has the right size for almost every wrist. The special feature of the design of these elegant timepieces is the double bezel consisting of a cambered and a fluted ring. Depending on the model, the watch case is made of 18-carat white or Everose gold in Rolex's in-house manufacture. The bracelet of each Cellini watch from Rolex is made of the finest crocodile leather and is available in different colors. Another special feature are the diamonds on the bezel and dial, with which some Rolex Cellini watches are studded. Besides the noble design, all Rolex Cellini watches are also equipped with technical refinements. All watches in the Cellini series have a chronometer with mechanical movement, which has an automatic self-winding mechanism. There are three different watch series in the Cellini collection, Cellini Time, Cellini Date and Cellini Dual Time. While Cellini Time is the classic version of Rolex's luxury watch, the Cellini Date models have been enhanced with the hand date function. Another ingenious additional function is provided by the models from the Cellini Dual Time series, which have a second, smaller dial that displays the time of another time zone. This variation of the Rolex Cellini classic is always a practical companion, especially for frequent travelers. Of course, the models from the Cellini Date and Cellini Dual Time series are also based on the design of the Rolex Cellini luxury watches, which is inspired by classic elegance and noblesse.