Luxury watches from Mido stand out especially because of their clear and simple design. Inspired by the works of art of architecture, this Swiss watch manufacturer strives above all for functionality, aesthetics and authenticity. Mido's watch collections refuse the ever-changing currents of fashion and always remain true to the traditional style of their manufacturer. The result is timelessly beautiful timepieces that fit easily into any occasion and blend elegantly and practically into any wardrobe and style. At the same time, Mido has always been an innovator in the field of watchmaking technology and is known for the high high-quality and technical performance of its elegant luxury watches.

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Currently available Mido watches

Unusual inspirations

Mido's watch models have always been inspired by unusual sources. As a result, their appearance always stands out a little from the mass of watches of their time, but without provoking excessive attention or even rejection by extreme otherness. Thus, in the early days of its history - dating back to 1918 - Mido first became known for its watches inspired by the grills of famous car brands. The Art Deco style of art also influenced many of its most successful early luxury watch models. Nowadays, the company draws its inspiration from architectural history. The world's most famous buildings are drawn upon to give its watches a timeless elegance that few models from any other watchmaker can match.

Always a technical pioneer

Mido has also always been committed to technical development and quality. Thus, as early as 1940, the company specialized in the production of ever better waterproof watches. Mido is considered the Swiss expert par excellence in the field of automatic watches. As early as 1934, it presented the Mulitfort, a revolutionary new watch with automatic winding. The model was additionally shockproof, waterproof and anti-magnetic and remained one of the most popular and best watches on the market for almost two decades. A non-winding spring to manually wind its luxury watches was another sensational contribution by Mido to the advancement of the art of watchmaking.

From the Ocean Star to the digital watch

Another historical highlight in Mido's history was the Ocean Star, introduced in 1945. It solved two of the biggest problems in the manufacture of waterproof watches at the time. The single-shell monocoque case finally made it possible to waterproof the case backs of the watches, and a cleverly designed mechanism made of cork henceforth prevented water from penetrating along the crown shaft. It also worked when the crown was pulled out, allowing safe readjustment of the waterproof watch. In the 1970s, Mido quickly became one of the pioneers in the further development of digital watches, which were still new at the time and were to enjoy great popularity for many years. Since 1995, its watches have offered an alarm function for personal protection and the Worldtimer for automatic time zone adjustment.

Yo mido

The name Mido sounds unusual for a Swiss watch company, and it is. It comes not from German, French or Italian, but from Spanish. Yo mido translates as "I measure." After all, what is the job of a watch but to measure time? Swiss watchmaker Georges Schaeren chose the name Mido for the company to refer to both the timelessness of the design and the technical timeliness of his luxury watches.