Classic, automatic, exclusive - Hamilton is a brand that has been distinguished by the quality and design of its watches for centuries. The originally American company, which now belongs to the Swiss group SSIH, is part of the Swatch Group and thus one of the highest quality and most sought-after watch brands in the world. Hamilton's luxury watches have already witnessed numerous important periods of history: American soldiers and pilots of an airplane exploration tour to the North Pole were equipped with these luxury watches. Another appearance of Hamilton's watch models was in the movie "Blue Hawaii", where the rock'n'roll king Elvis Presley wore a model. This is not the only reason why Hamilton is an extremely popular watch brand. The connection to film is still maintained by the watch brand today - with its own event, the so-called "Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards", where filmmakers are praised for their skills.

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Currently available Hamilton watches

Hamilton- a brand that has impressed for centuries.

The luxury watches impress with their exceptional design and wide repertoire of models - watches from Hamilton are timeless and extremely stylish. The customer has the choice between chronographs, quartz, automatic, classic as well as sporty versions of the exclusive brand, which, however, does not deny the luxury watches to normal earners. Prices vary widely, thus giving every watch lover the opportunity to afford one of Hamilton's popular watch models.

Men's and women's watches

Due to the individual models, every personality can find something, so there is a selection of luxury watches customized for both sexes. While the watches for the male clientele have a robust and charming appearance, the models for the female clientele are characterized by their daintiness and noble design.

Individual collections

Hamilton offers a variety of unique collections. The collection "Ventura" known especially for its famous wearer - Elvis Presley. The "American Classic", reminiscent of the old times of America and takes you back to the stylish and mysterious times of the Wild West.

Unique quality

High-quality materials and exclusive Swiss quality, this is what distinguishes the watches from Hamilton. Special service centers, which take care of the customer's watch and ensure the longest possible life and quality of the watch, can be found all over the world. A high-quality watch of classic design in which every wearer and every wearer will enjoy for a long time.