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Frequency Ask Questions

How does a backup sensors system work?
The system is automatically activated when you engage reverse gear. The sensors send and receive ultrasonic radio waves, which bounce off obstacles and alert you to their presence. An internal buzzer gradually increases in frequency as you approach the object.
Do I need to drill any holes in my car?
If you choose a Drill-in style of sensor, you need to drill holes in your car. The system includes a drill bit suitable for plastic, fiberglass and aluminum.
However, if you choose a Stick-on style of sensor, you do not need to drill any hole, you just stick the sensor on the bumper.
What objects can it detect?
The car backup system is a safety device that accurately detects all objects, children, toys, pets, etc. that are behind your car while you back up, the beeping as well as a display warns the driver.
Is it easy to install?
In genreal, it is easy to install. The following is the order of how easy to install for our products: (The easiest one on the top)
  • Car Rear View Camera (CRVC)
  • Sound only with 2 Sensors (SS2)
  • Wireless LCD Display with 2 Sensors (WXL2)
  • Wireless LED Display with 4 Sensors (SD4-WLS)
  • Wire LED Display with 2 Sensors (SD2)
  • Wire LED Display with 4 Sensors (SD4)
  • Wire LED Display with 2 Distance and 2 Temperature Sensors System (VALOR)
  • Wire LED Display with 6 Sensors (SD6)
  • Who can install a Backup Sensors System?
    Most people can install these units themselves. Backup Sensors System includes everything needed to install these units along with detailed installation instructions. However, if you want the unit to be professionally installed , there are many places that can install these units. Almost any place that sells and installs car stereos can install these units.
    How does the backup rear sensor turn on?
    Due to the power being tapped into the parking light, the rear sensors of the unit are only activated when the car is in reverse. Once you place the vehicle in drive, the rear sensors are deactivated.
    What are those Wireless Backup Sensor Systems?
    The wireless backup sensor systems on the market are actually backup sensor systems with a wireless display, that is, there is no wiring between the display and the main control unit.
    How much does it cost to have it installed by a professional installer?
    You can save the installation cost by installing the system yourself following the DIY installation instructions in the User's Manual came with the system. Or, if you want the unit to be professionally installed, you can have it installed by your local auto mechanic/auto electrician/car stereo store. It will take about 1 - 2 hours so you can expect to be charged for 1 - 2 hour labor.
    How do I determine the mounting position for the sensors on the bumpers?
    To avoid false alert because of the ground, the sensors should be mounted between 16" to 32" above ground, 20" is the best.
    The sensors also need to be mounted vertically on the bumpers. Some models come with sensors with wedge-shaped edge for adjusting to non vertical bumpers.
    The system beeps even there is no obstacle in front or back of my vehicle, what is the problem?

    If it beeps even there is no obstacle in front or back of your vehicle, please check the following:

  • The sensors should be mounted between 16" to 32" above ground. If the sensors are mounted too low, they may detect the ground causing the beeper to sound or give false alert.
  • The sensors may mounted non vertical towards the ground (usually caused by a non-vertical bumper).